Top 5 Places to Live in Wandsworth

Wandsworth is both a London borough, containing areas like Battersea, Putney and Tooting, and a hub in its own right – Wandsworth Town. Historically its centre has been dominated by the Young’s Brewery and the myriad pubs surrounding it.

The industrial revolution transformed Wandsworth in the 17th century. The area has also recently seen widespread regeneration and a series of large schemes have given Wandsworth a much-needed fresh look. Popular with families and packed with great schools, it’s now one of London’s most affluent and attractive inner suburbs.

But where are the best places to live in the London borough of Wandsworth? The best way to find out is by asking the people who already live there, and we did exactly that! Every day we speak to hundreds of locals across the capital. We ask what they think about their area and also about the specific developments they call home.

The 5 best places to live in Wandsworth

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