Here at GCM Management, we offer a fully comprehensive renovation service for landlords and property owners. We understand that it can sometimes take nothing more than a quick once-over to restore a property to its new-build glory or it may take something more intensive.

In any and all cases, we’re able to step in and bring your rental properties back to the standard required to attract and secure the tenants you’re looking for.

A Simple Polish

Prior to advertising your property online, there’s a good chance it could do with having a few rough edges smoothed out to bring it back to the highest possible standard. It may be a case of simply tidying up the gardens a little, adding a lick of paint to some choice areas or simply undertaking a deep cleaning effort top to bottom – these minor tweaks can really add up to make a big difference.

Regardless of how small or remedial the job may appear, we can make it happen and assure flawless results every time. We can organise an inspection of your property and carry out a full assessment, which will enable us to suggest the touch-ups needed to ensure your property get its full value when letting.

Minor Modifications and Repairs

It could of course take more than just a lick of paint to restore your property to former glory – GCM Management can also take charge of minor repairs and modifications. We can take a look at the electrical installations of the property, pluming, carpeting, fixtures, fittings and so much more in order to assess what needs attention. Of course, we won’t lift a finger until you’ve fully authorised us to do so, at which time you can rest assured the most elite professionals in the UK will step in.

Whether it’s a few new kitchen cupboards, repairs to a leaky pipe or an addition of a few electrical sockets, GCM Management can make it happen.


A Complete Overhaul

If you’ve reached the conclusion that the only way ahead for your rental property is to take it largely back to the drawing board, we’ll step up to the challenge. If a home hasn’t been in any way tended to in years or decades, there’s a chance it will be difficult to ask a high rental price for, or even find tenants for in the first place. However, commission a full refurbishment and you’ll be left with a property that’s even more impressive than its original incarnation and 100% irresistible to your target tenants.

From the installation of new floors to complete garden overhauls and right through to the organisation of loft conversion, if there’s anything that could potentially increase the rental value of your property, Capital Management can deliver it to you.


On Your Side

Each of our service packages for landlords is 100% unique and tailored around you and your needs alone – give us a call today and find out how we can take your rental property to the next level.