Top 5 Places to Live in Lewisham

Lewisham in south-east London has had a long and eventful history. For example, Alfred the Great was Lord of the Manor in the late 800’s AD. More recently, the area’s reputation has developed hugely in the last few decades. It’s managed to grow in attractiveness and prestige, without its character being entirely bulldozed by the forces of gentrification. Lewisham’s commercial area is one of the largest in south-east London. The local council has set its sights on overtaking Bromley, Croydon and Kingston as metropolitan hubs. But where are the best places to live in Lewisham?

Is Lewisham a good place to live?

Lewisham is steadily improving in all areas thanks to increasingly large investment from both private and public sources. It’s still possible to sweep up gorgeous properties for better-than-average prices here, as gentrification is happening at a much slower pace than in other parts of London. In fact, Lewisham is seen as one of the best value areas in Zone 2.

It’s also a very well-connected area. Lewisham enjoys DLR access to Canary Wharf and good train links to London Bridge. Then of course, there is the much-anticipated Bakerloo Line extension, which will reach Lewisham and make travel even more convenient.

Is Lewisham safe?

Lewisham does have an ongoing issue with its crime rate, which is higher than the London average. However, major crime reduction and community outreach programmes are currently underway. One initiative is the DIVERT programme which has already helped custody intervention coaches work with more than 1,000 Londoners aged between 18 and 25. Ongoing efforts are being made to improve public safety and security across the borough.

Is Lewisham an expensive place to live?

Lewisham is one of the most affordable parts of London to buy, rent and live. With an average property price of £450,000, it’s significantly cheaper than the London average, making it one of the top 10 most affordable boroughs.

Best new developments in Lewisham

The best way to find out where the best places to live in Lewisham is by asking the people who already live there. So we did exactly that! Every day we speak to hundreds of locals across the capital. We ask what they think not only about their area but also their specific homes. Here’s the inside track from the people who know Lewisham best.

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