Top 10 house buying websites UK

The internet can offer a seemingly endless supply of websites to help with your property search. From property listing portals to sites providing advice and data on the housing market, there’s more info than you could possibly use. So what are the best house buying websites in the UK? We’ve created this list of 10 of the best property websites out there, to better help you with your search.

The 10 best house buying websites in the UK

Below you can read our personal top picks for the best UK house buying websites. We think these websites offer a great mix of property listings, transparent data and impartial advice to help you find the right place in the right timeframe. Take a look below and get clicking. Any of these sites will serve as an excellent starting point to begin your search.


Zoopla is a great place to start your property search. Its national coverage and household-name status mean that if a house is on the market, you’ll probably find it on Zoopla. The site has a smooth user interface and offers up invaluable local market data with every search. Zoopla’s range of properties has grown even more in recent years as the group has incorporated other major sites like PrimeLocation.


Rightmove and Zoopla are the two leading UK online property portals by a country mile. Simply put, their market share alone makes them the two ‘must consult’ sites for UK rentals. Rightmove offers a simple, easily navigable user interface, which puts each property’s images, videos, maps and descriptions within a single integrated view.

Home Owners Alliance

Home Owners Alliance is an invaluable tool for home owners and buyers alike. The organisation provides independent, unbiased advice on all elements of buying and owning a home. The website is a treasure trove of useful information, and also provides comparisons and quote finders for estate agents, conveyancing, mortgages, insurance, removals and any other home service you can imagine.


Naturally, we think we belong on this list! HomeViews offers the most useful, trustworthy insights about the best new home developments across the UK. We also have thousands of resident reviewers’ comments that can show you exactly what to expect from any given property development before you decide to buy.

Own Your Home

Own Your Home is a website created and run by the UK Government, providing advice and support to those who want to own a home. The website provides advice and updates on the government’s home-buying support schemes and programmes. These include Shared Ownership, Right to Buy and the mortgage guarantee scheme. You can take a survey on the website to find which scheme might be right for you.


OnTheMarket offers an alternative property listings service to Zoopla and Rightmove. The site even claims to show property listings before they appear on Zoopla or Rightmove. While OnTheMarket can’t compete with the ‘big two’ for sheer coverage, the clean, easy-to-navigate interface makes it a pleasure to use.

Auction House

Property auctions are an increasingly popular way to buy houses in the UK. Auction House holds regular online and in-person auctions for properties across England, Scotland and Wales. You can search their upcoming catalogues, as you would any property portal, or register for local auctions in the areas you’re interested in.


Although PrimeLocation is now owned by Zoopla, it’s still one of the UK’s biggest property search and listings websites in its own right. The site offers you the chance to search for property listings by postcode, and also offers a useful ‘commute time’ search, allowing you to search for homes within a certain commuting time of a specified location.

PrimeLocation also has a really good ‘Inspiration’ content section. It’s full of great insights and ideas to help get you in the right frame of mind before you search for that ideal home.


Placebuzz offers a simple and powerful property search engine, and gives users the chance to register and sign up for alerts that match their search parameters. Placebuzz’s blog and area guides are also useful resources when deciding where to conduct your property search. is a useful property listing and market insights website, providing easy-to-use, detailed search functions. The site also provides useful insights into house prices and market rents. Although it has a slightly dated interface, is still a useful alternative to Zoopla and Rightmove, and it clearly shows reduced property listings, so you might be more likely to stumble across a bargain.

Hopefully our list of the best house buying websites in the UK can help you with your property search. Do you feel like your site should be on our list? Get in contact and let us know.


What should you look for in a house buying website?

There’s so much choice in the UK property website market that it can be overwhelming. Many of the property listings portals will list the same properties, so rather than switching between them, choose one that you feel comfortable using and that gives you all the information you’re looking for. When it comes to house buying advice, look out for independent, unbiased sites that provide reliable trustworthy advice.

Is it better to use a property website or go to a local agent?

Many people start their property search online and only engage with local agents once they’ve found a property they’d like to view. This approach can work, but there are also benefits to talking to a local estate agent at an earlier stage in your search. If you’re moving to a new area, local agents might be able to provide specialist knowledge of the market and suggestions for where to focus your search.

Which house buying website is the best?

Which house buying website is the best really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re after quantity of listings and flexibility in search criteria, Zoopla and Rightmove are the clear market leaders.

There are, however, plenty of other high-quality property sites that might suit your requirements better. Be sure to do your research and focus on trustworthy, independent sites that can provide you with clear, unbiased information.

How often should you check house buying websites for updates?

House buying websites update regularly because the UK property market is always highly competitive. So, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, keep checking back on the bigger sites weekly or even every few days to see if new listings have come in.

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