Short term lettings: London’s top rated

As our modern lifestyles become more flexible and fast-paced, not everyone knows where they will be next year, or even next month! For those whose lives and livelihoods are very moveable, short term lettings are a practical alternative to hotels or couch surfing. If this applies to you, then familiarise yourself with this growing UK rental sector, as we highlight developments offering short term lettings in London’s.

What are short term lettings?

Short term lettings are rental contracts that are designed to only cover a limited timeframe. Generally speaking, the UK rental market sees short term lettings as anything below six months long.

Who is best suited for short term lettings?

Short term lettings suit anyone who doesn’t want to commit to something longer. If you’re only in an area for a limited time, due to a work placement, for example, short term lettings might be a better option than a regular rental contract.

Are short term lettings the same as medium term letting?

Medium term lettings (or mid-term) lettings are not the same as short term lettings. They are a more niche part of the market, straddling short and long-term lets. It’s still a grey area, but medium term lettings are generally seen as being three to eight months long.

What are the benefits of short term lettings?

The main benefit of short term lettings is their flexibility. Shorter contract times mean you can quickly reassess your living options, without having to stay put longer than you’d like.

Short term lettings also offer greater privacy and personal space than other accommodation options suited to very limited timeframes. Staying with friends or family is a cheaper alternative, but even the best hosts in the world can’t make their place ‘yours’.

This option can also offer the chance for you to add a little personality to where you live. Even if it’s only for a short time, it will feel like your own home. Plus, properties designed for shorter lettings usually have hotel-like features, including gym, lounge, concierge, etc.

What are the drawbacks of short term lettings?

You can expect a higher rental rate for short term lettings compared to more regular 12-24 month contracts. Landlords tend to charge more for short term lettings to cover the added work and uncertainty of placing tenants.

London’s top-rated short term lettings developments

Now that you know what to expect from short term lettings, let’s look at London’s top-rated development on HomeViews that specifically caters to this market. According to verified residents’ reviews, the best short term let in London is…

The Quarters Swiss Cottage offers its guests immaculately presented suites with high-quality fittings and stylish finishes. All residences feature private balconies and there’s also an inviting courtyard and Terra Terra, the inviting on-site Italian restaurant.

This is a perfect commuters’ option, as Finchley Road station is less than a minute’s walk away, making all of London easily accessible. The O2 Centre and Primrose Hill are also within short walking distance of the development. Plus there’s a great collection of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops located in the immediate vicinity.

Read reviews and details of The Quarters Swiss Cottage, NW3

‘The Quarters’ is a series of four London-based properties from developer Bravo. It markets itself as suitable for “ambitious professionals relocating to London who haven’t yet found a place to live.” So if you’re a mature student, an contractor working on a temporary project or assignment in London, or an overseas professional considering life in the capital, The Quarters might be right for you.

Swiss Cottage focuses on providing the ideal stop-gap rental solution. Short term lettings here are advertised as being affordable and excellent value for money when compared to similar offerings on the London market.

There’s also a dedicated on-site management team who are there to handle any and all guest-related matters. Reviews from residents at The Quarters Swiss Cottage say that the team are unfailingly friendly, professional and responsive.

With all of this and more, it’s not hard to see why The Quarters Swiss Cottage is the top-ranked development for short term lettings on HomeViews.

While you’re here…

If North London isn’t what you’re looking for, then there’s a South London option with great commuting links to consider.

Nestled in the heart of London’s newest business and retail hotspot, The Quarters Croydon offers 151 high-specification, modern-design studios. Boxpark Centre is on your doorstep and Croydon Station is just a 4-minute walk away.

The Croydon area itself boasts vast green spaces and, thanks to a multi-billion-pound investment programme, is set to become one of the capital’s most desirable residential and cultural zones.

Read reviews and details of The Quarters Croydon, CR0

As you can see, The Quarters Croydon is only very slightly trailing the Swiss Cottage development in terms of ratings. It offers all the same benefits and features present in all The Quarters series. So, you can expect to enjoy the same level of affordability, connectivity and excellent on-site management service.

Short term letting is a highly practical option and represents a growing sector of the UK rental market. To explore another rental sector that’s experiencing a growth boom, check out our guide to build-to-rent.

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