New build homes for sale in Scotland: Top 10 developments

From its rugged highlands to its charming, historic towns and cities, Scotland is a land of beautiful contrasts. Whatever kind of life and home you’re seeking, you’ll be able to find it here. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this such an appealing place to live, as we review some of the best new build homes for sale in Scotland.

Scotland’s top 10 new build homes for sale

If the call of Scotland is strong, then it’s time to get a clearer idea of exactly where you want to live. The following list represents the best property new build homes in Scotland. We’ve canvassed developments across the whole country, and ranked them solely based on verified reviews on HomeViews.

*PLEASE NOTE these rankings take into account how many reviews a scheme has and how recently those reviews have been submitted, so may not match the overall star ratings shown. Buildings with a larger number of more recent reviews are given a greater weighting to reflect current building performance.

The number one new build homes development to buy in Scotland is Monarch’s Rise by Stewart Milne Homes. Situated in the seaside town of Arbroath, Monarch’s Rise is a community of three, four and five-bedroom family homes. These new homes have been created to meet the changing needs and changing lifestyles of families today.

Read reviews and details of Monarchs Rise, DD11

At number 2, we have Pentland Reach, in Lanarkshire, where each home has been designed with modern living in mind. Residents love the look, feel and practicality of their homes. Located within walking distance of Biggar, the town has excellent commute times to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Read reviews and details of Pentland Reach, ML12

In third place, and located on the edge of the village of East Calder in West Lothian, Calderwood is a new community offering three, four, five and six-bedroom homes. Each home features a flexible living space, perfect for modern lifestyles. The development has been designed to complement the neighbouring country park. Shops and amenities can be found within the village of East Calder, alongside excellent transport links to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Read reviews and details of Stewart Milne at Calderwood, EH53

It’s back to Aberdeen for number four. Charleston is located in Cove, south-east of the city. Offering a range of two to six-bedroom homes, this new development enjoys a village-like atmosphere alongside good shopping and picturesque clifftop walks. With easy access to Aberdeen centre, Stonehaven and Dundee, the development is ideal for commuters and those who want to be close to the action.

Read reviews and details of Stewart Milne at Charleston, AB12

Also within the Charleston development are premium homes offered by Kirkwood. This gives newcomers plenty of choice in this outstanding development that continues to attract stellar reviews and praise from its residents.

Read reviews and details of Kirkwood Homes at Charleston, AB12

Another Calderwood development takes sixth place on our list. Persimmon Homes at Calderwood is a new community offering three, four and five-bedroom homes. Each home features a flexible living space, perfect for modern lifestyles. The development has been designed to complement the neighbouring country park and shops and amenities can be found within the village of East Calder, alongside excellent transport links to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Read reviews and details of Persimmon Homes at Calderwood, EH53

Our eighth entrant is Stewart Milne at Countesswells, an award-winning and fast-growing new community located close to the west end of Aberdeen. The development offers a choice of starter and family homes, with future schools, parks, and commercial and retail amenities conveniently located within the development.

Read reviews and details of Stewart Milne at Countesswells, AB15

As you can see, Aberdeen is dominating the list! Again, another developer offers a similarly great set of properties and services within the same development. Barratt Homes gives buyers the chance to review a whole new set of properties within the highly desirable Countesswells development.

Read reviews and details of Barratt Homes at Countesswells, AB15

4.71 (23 reviews)
4.71 (23 reviews)

CALA Homes built The Campus, also known as Hammerman Drive, in the mid 2000’s. The development comprises a selection of one, two and three-bedroom properties. As well as a contemporary design, it benefits from its leafy grounds formerly occupied by Aberdeen College.

Read reviews and details of The Campus, AB24

4.59 (10 reviews)
4.59 (10 reviews)

Taking 10th place, Grandhome in Aberdeen offers a collection of energy-efficient two, three and four-bedroom homes. Bridge of Don is a 20-minute drive from Aberdeen city centre, but is surrounded by green space and excellent amenities.

Read reviews and details of Grandhome, AB22

Why live in Scotland?

Scotland remains a very popular place to move to and settle. Some of the main factors that encourage people to live here include:v

Outstanding natural beauty: From An Lochan Uaine to Fingal’s Cave, Scotland is bursting with beautiful views and natural wonders. Its national parks and Areas of Outstanvding Natural Beauty cover much of the country, and it can take years to fully explore them all.

Enviable lifestyle: Whether you’re looking for a bustling city, historical market town, idyllic hamlet, or something in between, Scotland has the perfect place to offer. Its cities and towns are packed with culture and history, and its villages are surrounded by Scottish natural beauty.

High-quality free education: As well as state primary and secondary education being free, living in Scotland provides free university access too. As long as you’ve lived here for three years or more, you can legitimately claim free university tuition. Scotland also boasts many of the best schools in the country, and some of the best universities in the world.

Attractive property market: As you’ll see from the dedicated section below, buying property in Scotland is comparatively cheap. If you’re coming from England or Wales, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the lower price points.

Where are the most desirable places to live in Scotland?

Scotland’s ‘best’ places to live depend on what you’re looking for. However, there is an exceptional variety of lifestyle options available here. So, whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it here. This is a shortlist of some of the places in Scotland voted most desirable to live in, across various studies and surveys:

Stirling: A central Scotland city with deep historical and cultural ties. Known for its medieval castle and other landmarks, Stirling was recently voted the ‘happiest place to live in Scotland’.

Edinburgh: As Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh is the beating heart of the country. Smart, stylish and undeniably beautiful, it’s a cosmopolitan place where Scotland’s rich past and exciting future meet.

Isle of Bute: Recently voted The Scotsman’s ‘Best place to live in Scotland’, the Isle of Bute is an island in the Firth of Clyde. It’s a gorgeous place, full of warm, welcoming people. And you can’t beat the view either, in any direction!

Inverness: On the doorstep of Scotland’s most impressive natural scenery, such as Cairngorms National Park, Inverness is a magnet for nature lovers.

Are house prices high in Scotland?

Scotland’s house prices are substantially lower than the UK average. In September 2022, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recorded that average house prices increased in Scotland to £192,000. This is up from £181,000 in February 2022. However, this is still a full £103,000 less than the UK average.

More recently, Zoopla places the Scotland house price average for December 2022 at around £213,000. However, this doesn’t cover as wide a range as the ONS report, so it’s unlikely that the true national average has risen by quite this much.

This means that you can find exceptional properties in Scotland at highly competitive prices. If you’re moving from a high-price property area, you’ll find that your money goes much further in Scotland!

Is it better to live in Scotland or England?

Whether it’s better to live in Scotland or England is a question of personal taste and circumstances. However, it’s clear that Scotland has a real advantage over its southern neighbour when it comes to property. Scotland also enjoys a lower average cost of living than England.

If you think that Scotland looks like a great place to live, then our dedicated guide below can serve up a lot more detail. Here you find out more about the country’s history, things to see and do, and all our new build homes for sale in Scotland.

Boasting some of the highest scores for standards of living in the UK, Scotland is a country of extraordinary natural beauty. Add to that its friendly, cultured cities and a rich history stretching back for centuries, and you have a location that offers something Read more about Scotland

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