Eco Homes: UK developments leading the way

Eco homes in the UK are swiftly progressing from one-off anomalies to more widely available options. Reviews from residents on HomeViews suggest that sustainability is now an effective selling point, with residents citing the green credentials of a property as one of their reasons for choosing to live there. We take a look at a selection of eco-friendly homes and developments by some of the leading larger-scale developers in the UK. We also explore some of the new construction techniques that look set to make all homes more sustainable in the future.

While much has been written about one-off, bespoke eco houses, the impact of more sustainable homes is limited unless they are built on a much larger scale. New technologies take time to trickle down, but we are now seeing large house builders embracing greener building techniques and more sustainable approaches.

UK demand for eco homes?

HomeViews’ 2022 report ‘Sustainability: The Resident Perspective‘ shows the growing importance of green issues and sustainability for the UK’s house buyers and homeowners. From more than 12,000 resident reviews collected between February 2021 and July 2022, 72% of new build residents stated sustainability was important to them.

The older generations generally valued sustainability to a greater extent than younger reviewers. Of all the eco features included in new homes, recycling services were identified as the top priority of residents. Energy-saving measures and renewable energy sources came second and third in reviewers’ priorities.

The report provides plenty more insights on the demand for eco houses and the importance of sustainability for the new build sector. You can download the report by clicking on the image to the right.

In-demand eco developments

Here at HomeViews we see thousands of reviews for new homes across the country. We’ve noticed that schemes like Elephant Park appear to attract residents who place sustainability as a key factor in their decision to move there. Lower utilities bills are also obviously an attractive feature of sustainably-designed homes.

The review below illustrates a desire among property hunters for an authentically sustainable home. This reviewer also highlights the problems of the “lip service” approach to sustainability that has come to be labelled ‘greenwash’.

Reviewing Elephant Park, SE1

“Fantastic design and value for money”

Verified Resident


I am surprisingly delighted by Elephant Park’s design features, and its adherence to the eco / green philosophy it marketed itself by. In most cases, developers only pay lip service, but this was legit. One of my favourite features is the South Garden green area, and the fact that the gym overlooks the gardens. It Read All
I am surprisingly delighted by Elephant Park’s design features, and its adherence to the eco / green philosophy it Read All
Reviewing Elephant Park, SE1

“Nice warm apartment”

Verified Resident


The apartment has been well constructed. It’s really warm aswell so I never really need to turn the heating on. The design is good and it’s pretty spacious. It is quite expensive to live here but I would say it’s relatively worth it’s value. Read All
The apartment has been well constructed. It’s really warm aswell so I never really need to turn the heating Read All
Trafalgar Place – part of the carbon-positive Elephant Park development

Net zero regeneration

Elephant Park is a regeneration project in South London managed by Lendlease. Located in Elephant & Castle, the development will deliver 3,000 new homes by 2025. The goal is for all of these to achieve net-zero carbon energy, as part of the C40 Climate Positive Development Program.

The C40 Climate Positive Development Program also includes other pionering projects in Australia, India, Denmark and the USA. These are all larger-scale sustainable developments that aim to showcase how cities can expand in environmentally and economically sustainable ways.

Developments within the C40 program strive to create communities that achieve net-zero carbon emmissions. This is achieved in two main ways. Firstly, the projects pursue a reduction of carbon emmissions in the form of energy, transport and waste. Secondly, ways are found to offset any carbon produced in the local environment.

A large-scale regeneration project in Elephant & Castle, Elephant Park by Lendlease is a mixed-use development which features 3,000 new homes alongside new shops, restaurants and cafes. It is the UK’s first climate-positive development, which includes an Energy Hub to provide net-zero carbon heat and hot water to all homes at Elephant Park. Read reviews and details of Elephant Park, SE1

As part of the range of energy-efficient features and careful offsetting of carbon, Elephant park also includes a collection of 15 Passivhaus townhouses. These highly efficient ‘Futurehome’ houses offer traditional styling along with cutting edge technology, blending in carefully with the surrounding Victorian Conservation Area.


The German Passivhaus code has received a lot of attention in the press, although most often as part of one-off self-build eco homes in the UK. It is a set of standards that buildings must meet in order to be classified as a ‘Passivhaus’.

This system involves making the building as airtight as possible, as well as creating an exceptionally efficient level of insulation. This means the building requires very little energy to heat or cool and. With the addition of heat recovery systems and mechanical ventilation, these buildings create a very small carbon footprint.

The largest Passivhaus scheme in the UK is the Agar Grove Estate, currently being redeveloped by Camden Council (see below). Once all six phases are complete, 493 new homes will be created – although not all will be Passivhaus- certified.

Agar Grove Estate is a redeveloped housing estate in Camden, London. It’s close to King’s Cross and around 15 minutes from Camden Town Underground station. The estate has been redeveloped by Camden Council and HawkinsBrown, Mae and Grant Associates. Agar Grove Estate is the biggest Passivhaus development in the UK. Read reviews and details of Agar Grove Estate, NW1

Modular construction

Another key technology that is improving the sustainability of UK development is that of modern methods of construction (MMC), also known as ‘offfsite’ or ‘modular’ construction. This essentially involves building sections of a development in a factory before transporting them to the site for quick, easy installation.

Kidbrooke Village by Berkeley Homes incorporates 35 acres of green space

This technique can drastically reduce construction times and reduce the environmental impact of the building site. Moving more of the contruction process to a factory allows for greater control over waste and increased recycling. MMC buildings also often feature higer levels of insulation and airtightness.

Award-winning developer Berkeley Homes has developed its own modular building system that it calls the Urban House design. These are built as complete room modules in a factory then transported to site for assembly. Kidbrooke Village was the first of the company’s devlepments to incorporate this, with 22 Urban House properties included in the scheme.

A Berkeley development, Kidbrooke Village offers a selection of one, two and three-bedroom apartments. In addition, there are a selection of luxury freehold 4 bedroom Urban Houses. Located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, residents benefit from excellent connections into London via the close-by Kidbrooke Station. Read reviews and details of Kidbrooke Village, SE3

Berkeley Homes also worked closely with the London Wildlife Trust to ensure that the development contributed to local biodiversity. 35 acres of green space link the different zones of the development. The scheme also uses a combined heat and power (CHP) system that reduces energy usage on the site.

New homes with innovative sustainable technology

Developers are starting to commit to incorporating innovative sustainable materials and technologies in their new build developments. As demand grows from buyers, we’re set to see the eco house trend continue to grow.

One developer leading the way on creating high-quality new homes with a focus on sustainability is Stonewood Homes. You can read more about Stonewood’s approach and the developments they offer by clicking on the link below.

Number of Developments


4.43 Rating (based on 15 reviews)

Stonewood Partnerships is part of the housing development arm of the Stonewood Group. Specifically, Stonewood develops a mixture of one to five bedroom homes. These homes were built ‘with a desire to be of high quality, with lots of character and distinction.’ Furthermore, Stonewood Partnerships has 45 years expertise from the Stonewood Group to develop […]
Read more about Stonewood Partnerships

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