UK housing associations rated by residents

Housing associations provide affordable sales and rental housing to people on low incomes or who require extra support. Housing associations or local authorities provide almost 20% of the UK’s stock, housing almost 6 million people. So, which are the best UK housing associations? We looked at housing association tenant reviews and ratings right here on HomeViews to find out.

What is the biggest housing association in the UK?

The biggest housing association in the UK is Clarion Housing. Clarion manages 125,000 dwellings, while the second-largest is L&Q, with 95,000. The Peabody Trust is the third-largest, with around 66,000 homes on its books.

How many housing associations are there in the UK?

There are around 1,600 housing associations, or ‘private registered providers’ (PRPs) in the UK. These include charities as well as for-profit companies and non-profit companies. Local authorities also provide social housing, and there are 196 local authorities registered in the UK to provide housing.

How does a housing association work?

Housing associations provide a variety of different types of affordable housing to those who need it. Social rented and affordable rented homes are offered at a lower price than the normal market rate. Shared Ownership homes are offered as a more affordable way of buying a home, while supported and specialist housing is also provided by housing associations.

Additionally, housing association offer housing to rent and buy at normal market rates. Charities and non-profit companies will reinvest any profits made into providing more homes, or into local communities. The Government also provides funding for housing associations to supply homes.

UK housing associations rated by verified residents

Below are some of the UK’s larger housing associations. We’ve looked at verified resident reviews for these organisations and listed them here in alphabetical order with their ‘overall’ ratings. These are calculated based on an average of all that company’s resident ratings, providing a good idea of their performance.

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Number of Developments


3.88 Rating (based on 74 reviews)

A2Dominion is a residential property group based in the UK, who own and manage over 32,000 homes across London and Southern England. Its property portfolio is diverse with a range of affordable, private and social rented homes, housing for older people alongside student, NHS and temporary accommodation. A2Dominion developments Deepak House, West Plaza, Keybridge House […]
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3.75 Rating (based on 176 reviews)

Based in various locations around the UK, with offices in Ealing, Kensington, Reading and Oxford, Catalyst Housing is one of the UK’s leading housing associations. As a member of the G15 group, Catalyst Housing provide ‘housing solutions and opportunities for those who can’t afford a home without help.’ Catalyst Housing developments HomeViews lists Catalyst Housing […]
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3.82 Rating (based on 88 reviews)

Clarion Housing Group is the UK’s largest housing association, with 125,000 properties across the nation housing 360,000 residents. Clarion aims to ‘build homes and develop futures’, and is set to deliver 50,000 more residential units over the next ten years. The company is focused on sustainable regeneration of existing communities and has won a plethora […]
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3.89 Rating (based on 91 reviews)

The Hyde Group is a UK-based housing association that’s primarily focused on residential property in London and the South East of England. It currently manages around 50,000 homes in London, with a mission to provide ‘a great home for everyone.’ The Hyde Group developments HomeViews lists developments by The Hyde Group situated across London. Bermondsey […]
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3.72 Rating (based on 741 reviews)

L&Q believe passionately that people’s health, security and happiness depend on where they live. L&Q house around 250,000 people in more than 105,000 homes, primarily across London and the South East – but L&Q are more than just a registered charitable housing association. L&Q create better places to live by delivering high quality homes, neighbourhoods […]
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Number of Developments


3.45 Rating (based on 104 reviews)

Metropolitan Thames Valley is a partnership between Metropolitan and Thames Valley Housing and works across London, the South East, East Midlands and the East of England developing properties at different levels of affordability. It is a member of the G15 group.  Metropolitan Developments Marvelfairs House is a Metropolitan Thames Valley development currently listed on HomeViews located in […]
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3.96 Rating (based on 56 reviews)

Network Homes is an award-winning housing developer with more than 40 years’ experience in the property sector. The company builds, sells, rents and manages quality and affordable homes, and operates across London, Hertfordshire and the South East. Network Homes developments Network Homes brings you Barret House, a refurbished property that forms part of the larger […]
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Number of Developments


3.86 Rating (based on 307 reviews)

Notting Hill Genesis was founded in 2018 – a merger between Notting Hill Housing and Genesis Housing Association. It exists to provide new communities characterised by quality, affordable housing, and operates across London and England’s South East regions. Notting Hill Genesis developments Notting Hill Genesis developments on HomeViews include Zenith Close – a  peaceful, purpose-built neighbourhood […]
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Number of Developments


3.68 Rating (based on 15 reviews)

Founded in 2007, One Housing Group is a not-for-profit organisation that manages around 16,000 homes across London and the surrounding counties. The company plans to build 5,000 new homes over the next ten years. One Housing Group developments One Housing Group developments listed on HomeViews include Brackenbury Grove – a collection of one, two and three-bedroom luxury […]
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3.70 Rating (based on 53 reviews)

Optivo are one of the largest housing providers in the UK. Established in 2014, the company manage around 45,000 affordable homes across London, the South East and also the Midlands. Optivo’s aim is to “invest in the quality, safety and environmental sustainability of homes, provide great customer experience and also, be a leading provider of […]
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3.90 Rating (based on 171 reviews)

Peabody is one of London’s largest housing providers, committed to designing, building and maintaining quality homes and neighbourhoods. Peabody and Family Mosaic merged back in 2017, and now look after thousands of residents in homes across London, Essex, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent. Peabody developments HomeViews lists Peabody developments across the capital, from E13’s Upton Village […]
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4.08 Rating (based on 22 reviews)

Established in 1901, Southern Housing Group is one of southern England’s largest housing associations and it offers a range of different services to communities. These include traditional social housing, shared ownership, affordable rent, private market rent and outright sales. Southern Housing Group developments Bow River Village is a popular new-build development from Southern Housing Group on […]
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