Top 10 areas for families to live in London

Moving to a new home is tough, especially when you’re a family with lots of different priorities to juggle. And when it comes to London, the level of choice on offer can seem a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve come up with our top 10 areas for families to live in London – to give you a set of prime locations to start your search.

Putting this list together, we focused on three key family-oriented factors when ranking different areas. Safety, schools and green spaces. Of course, there are dozens of other considerations, big and small, but we think that these are the ‘big three’ when it comes to choosing a spot suitable for a family to live.

Safety: Everyone’s priority

Everyone wants their loved ones to live somewhere safe. Parents are especially attuned to all the different kinds of danger that they want to protect their children from. This makes safety one of, if not the top consideration for families when deciding where to settle.

To make our safety rating for each area, we considered various factors covering different types of everyday risk. These include the overall crime rate, sense of community, safety of transport facilities, and safety-related initiatives in place.

Schools: Investing in the future

The availability of high-quality schooling is another crucial consideration for any family. There’s a reason that the presence of good schools pushes up an area’s property prices. The reverse is also true!

This is because every parent wants their children to be enrolled in a school that is safe, supportive, well-run, and high attaining. Close proximity to a suitable school is another key factor, as the twice-daily ‘school run’ needs to be manageable.

Therefore, we’ve considered the availability, quality and coverage of primary and secondary education schools (state and private) for each area.

Green spaces: Space to breathe

Any parent will tell you, keeping kids cooped up inside all day is no fun for anyone! Having ample green spaces nearby is an essential consideration for any family. Particularly in London, where most homes either have a very small garden or no garden at all.

The pandemic has proven how much people living in cities value green spaces. During the early stages of lockdown, Londoners felt that their parks were a lifeline for their health and wellbeing. Under any circumstances, it’s great to have green, inviting public spaces to visit.

For this category, we considered how well served the area is by public parks and other urban green spaces.

The list: Top 10 areas for families to live in London

Clearly, we’re all different in our priorities, so this list is opinion-based rather than fact. However, it is based on data provided by HomeViews reviews, as well as official UK Government statistics wherever possible. These include official Metropolitan Police crime statistics and the Gov.UK school performance tables. Hopefully, our top picks will give you a clearer idea of what London has to offer for families.

So, let’s take a look at what we think are the top 10 areas for families to live in London.


Safety: 7
Schools: 7
Green Spaces: 7
While Brixton might not be your first thought for family living, the vast amount of investment in the area has turned it into a serious up-and-comer with a lot to offer. This truly vibrant neighbourhood is now bristling with new businesses, amenities and revitalised green spaces, but with much more affordable property prices than other areas nearby. Lambeth council has also invested heavily in launching a programme of family-friendly events, such as the spectacular Guy Fawkes Night celebrations, Country Show and Brixton Splash music festival.

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Safety: 7
Schools: 7
Green Spaces: 8
There’s much more to Wembley than the arena! It’s undergone something of a transformation in recent years, so now you’ll find an inviting residential neighbourhood with parts that offer an almost village-like feel. While Wembley is still ‘finding itself’ in terms of atmosphere, the sense of community is strengthened by a growing arts scene and a foodie culture with plenty of family-friendly independent cafes and restaurants.

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Safety: 7
Schools: 8
Green Spaces: 7
Bright, diverse and always interesting, Islington has a lot to offer families looking for something a little bit different. It’s definitely a mixed bag in terms of property prices and types, but wherever you are in Islington, you’re not far from a unique, family-friendly experience. From Freightliner’s Farm, where the kids can pet goats and other animals, to sunny walks in Highbury Fields, Islington is an area worth exploring thoroughly.

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Safety: 8
Schools: 8
Green Spaces: 7
Fulham is a lovely slice of West London life but at a slightly slower pace. The kids will have plenty to do as the area has everything you need in terms of shopping and family entertainment. There’s no shortage of good school options and the large concentration of international schools here keeps things competitive.

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Safety: 8
Schools: 8
Green Spaces: 8
Affluent and attractive, this area is a magnet for the well-heeled London set as well as families looking for beautiful houses and apartments with plenty of space. It offers good access to green spaces – Hyde Park and Holland Park being the obvious headliners – with excellent private and state schools to boot. Clearly though, the drawback is the heavy price tag that comes with some of London’s most desirable housing.

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Safety: 9
Schools: 8
Green Spaces: 8
Chiswick has it all, and not just for families. This smart, leafy neighbourhood has bags of character, outstanding access to varied shopping and dining experiences, and a hugely chic café culture. Chiswick Park, Turnham Green and other green spaces offer up no end of chances for tranquil strolls and the family-friendly vibe is palpable everywhere you go.

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Safety: 9
Schools: 7
Green Spaces: 9
If you or the kids are the sporty, outdoorsy type, then Putney is most certainly worth a closer look. Inundated with cricket, tennis, golf and rowing clubs, Putney is not short on chances to get out and enjoy green spaces, the big blue space of the River Thames! There’s also a solid selection of good or outstanding schools to be found, and Putney routinely records crime rates much lower than the London average, reflecting its family-friendly community feel.

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Safety: 9
Schools: 8
Green Spaces: 10
Excellent schools, wonderful walks in the rolling hills of the Sutton Downs, strong sense of community with one of the lowest crime rates across all of London? Tick, tick and tick! Sutton is already known for its welcoming, family-friendly credentials, and given that its residents routinely rank as some of the happiest in London, it’s a very solid all-round pick.

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Safety: 8
Schools: 9
Green Spaces: 10
Greenwich lives up to its name as it has no end of beautiful parks and green spaces as well as plenty of stunning views of the river. It’s quiet but absolutely jam-packed with natural and architectural beauty. Also, with 58 ‘outstanding’ Ofsted-ranked schools within a 3-mile radius, Greenwich is the complete package.

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Safety: 10
Schools: 10
Green Spaces: 10
Our number one pick always had to be Richmond. Firstly, it has an abundance of beautiful green spaces – Richmond Park is arguably one of the prettiest in the capital – not to mention the gorgeous riverside parts. For schools, you can take your pick of many of London’s leading independent educators as well as 28 ‘outstanding’ Ofsted-ranked state schools. As for safety, Richmond regularly experiences the lowest annual crime rate in London, as it did in 2020. This winning combination is why it gets a perfect score from us and takes the number one spot!

Read more about Richmond Upon Thames

If our list of top 10 areas for families to live in London has inspired you to take a closer look, our area guides can give you a lot more detail on all of our top-ranking spots. If you need more info on crime rates and safety issues, check out our list of the top 10 safest places to live in London.

HomeViews provides verified resident reviews of the UK’s housing developments. We’re working with developers, landlords and the Government to recognise high performers and help to improve standards in the built environment.

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