Property Preparation Tips for Landlords

Preparing a property for tenants can involve a lot of work, especially if you want to attract the best tenants. You will probably be keen to get it ready as soon as possible in order to start earning some rental income. However, before you rush in and start advertising for tenants, here are five things that you should do first.

Clear, Decorate, and Clean

You will only find the best tenants for your property if you make sure that it is presentable. If there are items inside the property that need to be removed, such as old sofas and chairs, clear them all out.

Next, take a good look through the property and decide whether it requires any decoration. You may want to paint the interior walls, but you could also paint the exterior to create a better first impression.

Once all the decoration is complete, clean the apartment from top to bottom. You can do this yourself, or you may want to hire a professional to go even further and really make it look great. By doing this, anyone arriving to view the property will love what they see as soon as they step through the door.

Is It Safe?

As a landlord, you have a responsibility to ensure that your rental property is safe for the tenants. This may mean getting the gas, electricity, and water supplies checked over by professionals. If in doubt about exactly what is required of you, ask the local authorities and make sure you leave nothing to chance.  We can help you source reliable local professionals to provide the certificates required prior to letting your property.

Prepare Your Inventory

Go through the whole property and make a list of every item, including any furniture that you are leaving for the tenants. Even better, make a video and take photos of the entire property so that you have a visual record.

When the tenants move in, you can then go through your list with them and confirm whether they agree with your assessment, which will help you to avoid any problems when the tenancy comes to an end.

Work on the Presentation

Making the property look as attractive as possible is a simple step, but it can make all the difference when it comes to attracting the best tenants. Consider placing some flowers in the different rooms of the property, especially in the entrance hall. Make sure that the carpets and furniture are clean and fresh, and try to make the property as welcoming as possible.

Don’t neglect the outside area. Mow the lawn, cut the hedge, sweep the leaves, and clean the windows because all of these little jobs can add up to make a big difference.

Invest in Insurance

Before signing any tenancy agreements, make sure that you are fully insured. Landlord insurance is different from standard insurance, and there are many good reasons to have an insurance policy in place before letting out your property.

Find the Perfect Tenants

You may want to let out your property as soon as possible, but don’t rush your decision. You want to find the best possible tenants, and you will only do this if you spend some time preparing your property. So think carefully about these tips and make sure you really are ready to allow tenants to view your property.

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