New homes in Scotland: Top 10 best developments

Every year, Scotland is gaining in popularity as a place to live, work and visit. Whether you want a highlands retreat or a cosy corner in a bustling city, there’s plenty on offer. Find out what makes the northernmost part of the UK such an appealing prospect, as we rank some of the best new homes in Scotland.

What is Scotland famous for?

Primarily, Scotland is world-famous for its inspiring scenery – everyone has heard of the Loch Ness and its infamous monster, but Loch Ness is just one of 30,000 lochs across the country. Along with the rugged beauty of the highlands, wild coastline and unspoilt islands of the Hebrides, Scotland is overflowing with natural beauty. In fact, it is frequently voted the ‘most beautiful country in the world’ by popular publications.

Scotland is also something of an architect’s dream too. In Edinburgh and Glasgow, you’ll find plenty of examples of stunning Palladian-style grand houses and mansions. Not to mention neoclassical revival and the internationally influential “Glasgow style” of design made popular in the mid-twentieth century.

Culturally and historically, Scotland is an influencer of everything from poetry and novel writing, to modern theatre and dance. Famous scots include Robert Burns, Adam Smith, Alexander Fleming and, more recently, James McAvoy, Tilda Swinton and Andy Murray.

Of course, it’s also known for brewing internationally beloved whiskey, the wearing of tartan kilts, and the bagpipes. But these are just small parts of a deep and rich cultural heritage that is alive and well today.

Why live in Scotland?

Apart from the previously mentioned fact that it’s gorgeous to explore, Scotland is also a great place to live, work and thoroughly enjoy yourself. There is a high standard of living, and growing hubs for tech-facing industries like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, engineering and computing.

Free access to its renowned universities is another big draw for living in Scotland. If you’re not from Scotland originally, you will have to have lived there for at least three years before applying to university, in order to qualify for free tuition. Even if you aren’t eligible, you’ll still pay much less for university education in Scotland than in the rest of the UK.

The view over Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital

Is Scotland an expensive place to live?

While parts of Scotland – Edinburgh for example – have a reputation for being expensive, overall it’s generally cheaper to live here than in other parts of the UK. Household weekly costs are around 10% than UK averages. They’re more than 20% cheaper than London, on average.

You may end up paying more for utilities (heating, gas, broadband internet, etc) than elsewhere, depending on your available providers. However, when it comes to food, entertainment and travel, Scotland is comparable to, or better than, UK averages.

What are average property prices in Scotland like?

For November 2021, Zoopla has the average property price in Scotland as nearly £217,500. This is a significant rise of 8.8% during the past 12 months. In March 2021, the BBC reported that Scotland had seen the biggest house price hike in 14 years, rising 11%.

Part of the reason for rising house prices in Scotland is pent-up demand being released post-lockdown. It’s also partly due to a shift in priorities for house hunters. More people are looking for more space and access to nature today, and Scotland can supply both needs.

Compared with England, Scotland is still highly competitive in terms of property prices. Buying a house in Scotland is roughly £54,000 cheaper, when compared to the country-wide average for England of £271,500.

New homes in Scotland: Top 10 best developments

Fancy exploring the idea of living in Scotland further? The following list is a good place to start. These are Scotland’s 10 top-ranked property developments listed on HomeViews. As always, the list is determined by the scores given by verified reviewers, giving you an entirely informed opinion in each case.

*PLEASE NOTE these rankings take into account how recently reviews have been submitted, so may not match the overall star ratings shown. More recent reviews are given a greater weighting to reflect current building performance.

4.87 (23 reviews)
4.87 (23 reviews)

The top spot for Scotland is taken by The Point, in Schoolhill, Aberdeen. Comprising 342 apartments for rent, residents benefit from a fully equipped gym, cinema, break-out area, library and a coffee shop. As well as this, the development is just 5 minutes away from Aberdeen city centre, putting the whole of the city’s best offerings on your doorstep.

Read reviews and details of The Point, AB10

4.71 (23 reviews)
4.71 (23 reviews)

In second place is another Aberdeen development. CALA Homes built The Campus, also known as Hammerman Drive, in the mid 2000s. The development has a selection of one, two and three-bedroom properties on offer, featuring a pleasing contemporary design. The development also benefits from its leafy grounds formerly occupied by Aberdeen College.

Read reviews and details of The Campus, AB24

At number 3, if you’re looking for a slice of seaside life near Edinburgh, The Strand at Portobello can provide it. Developed by Barratt Homes, The Stand offers 2 and 3-bed homes close to the picturesque Portobello beach, while also being just a few miles from Edinburgh city centre. As well as its enviable location, residents love the sense of community that has been established here.

Read reviews and details of The Strand @ Portobello, EH15

Our fourth spot goes to another coastal view contender, Ocean Apartments, built by Barratt for LAR. This is a rental-only development that is close to both the beach and the city centre of Aberdeen city centre. 1-2-bed apartments are available here, and residents benefit from secure parking and frequent public transport links nearby.

Read reviews and details of Ocean Apartments, AB24

Sitting in the middle at 5th, Shaw Crescent, by Stewart Milne Homes, is part of the popular Elmhill development. Comprising 6 separate apartment blocks, the development has commanding views over Aberdeen city. In addition, both Victoria and Westburn Parks are adjacent to the development’s wooded surrounded development, which means that there’s no shortage of great walks nearby.

Read reviews and details of Shaw Crescent, AB25

3.88 (20 reviews)
3.88 (20 reviews)

At 6, Lochside Grange in Kinghorn offers a selection of 2, 3, 4, and 5-bedroom homes. Residents here have plenty of positive things to say about the design, style and build quality of the homes here, as well as the welcoming community vibe. The small coastal town of Kinghorn has two beaches, and a picturesque sheltered bay.

Read reviews and details of Lochside Grange, KY3

In 7th place, Melrose Gait is a development by Persimmon Homes in the popular market town of Galashiels on the border with England. The town is situated in the valley of the Gala Water, close to the junction with the River Tweed. Residents enjoy the local amenities and nearby woodland walks.

Read reviews and details of Melrose Gait, TD1

For number 8 we head back to Edinburgh. The Ropeworks, by The Teague Group, sits in Edinburgh’s Leith. Comprising a multi-phase development, it offers 1, 2, 3-bed apartments and 3-bed town houses. In addition to this, the Ropeworks is located within the historic Edinburgh Roperie and Sailworks company site.

Read reviews and details of The Ropeworks, EH6

Kepplestone, by Stewart Milne Homes, is located in the thriving West End of Aberdeen. It has four main apartment blocks offering homes with modern design features and open plan layouts. There’s also plenty of space within the apartments and buildings themselves, and similarly spacious parking options for residents and visitors.

Read reviews and details of Kepplestone, AB15

Last but certainly not least, Salamander Street by Hillcrest is part of one of Edinburgh’s exciting new waterfront development areas, Leith. The development is 6 storeys high and boasts 145 units, covering a range of 1-4-bed flats and maisonettes. There’s also a basement car park and easy access to the expansive amenities of Leith. The development was funded as part of the Scottish Government’s National Housing Trust initiative, providing affordable homes with the opportunity for tenants to buy the properties after five years.

Read reviews and details of Salamander Street, EH6

If this has put you in mind to explore Scotland further, click on the area guide link below. This will give you more information on the key areas, attractions, schooling and other important factors that make living in Scotland appealing. There are also details of dozens developments offering new homes in Scotland, with constantly updating review scores and comments.

Boasting some of the highest scores for standards of living in the UK, Scotland is a country of extraordinary natural beauty. Add to that its friendly, cultured cities and a rich history stretching back for centuries, and you have a location that offers something Read more about Scotland

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