E5 London postcode: Residents rate their streets

What is E5, London really like? Not everyone has the same opinion on the perfect neighbourhood, but it’s true that certain areas will appeal to some people more than others. So how can you figure out if the E5 London postcode is your cup of tea? Are the parks safe for families? How easily can you commute to work? What’s there to do in your free time? HomeViews Streets is here to answer all your questions, thanks to London residents who have been busy sharing their honest views with us about life on their patch. Here’s what you need to know.

Which area is E5?

E5 is an East London postcode covering Upper Clapton, Lower Clapton, and part of Leyton and Stoke Newington. This makes for a diverse and exciting mix of East London areas.

What borough is E5 in?

Together, the areas with the E5 postcode fall into the Hackney and Waltham Forest boroughs. These are the local authorities responsible for running the area.

What county is E5 London in?

The areas that make up the E5 London postcode are largely within the historic county of Middlesex. This is part of the “Greater London” metropolitan area that is split between the counties of Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Kent and Hertfordshire.

Which zone is London E5?

The E5 postcode sits within the TfL (Transport for London) zones 2 and 3. Walthamstow (E17) borders the postcode to the north, with Leyton (E10) to the northeast. To the south lies Hackney, Homerton, and Dalston (E9 and E8). Find Stamford Hill and Stoke Newington (N16) to the west and Seven Sisters (N15) to the northwest.

What does the E stand for in London postcode?

The “E” in the London postcode stands for “Eastern”. All the major postcodes follow this format. I.e.: “W” is “Western”, “SW” is “South Western” and so on.

Is E5 a good place to live?

So, is E5 the best fit for your personality and life goals? HomeViews Streets is a new platform that lets locals discuss what they love about their postcode – and what could be improved. With a huge range of reviews for you to dig through, you may just strike gold and find your dream location. Here’s an example of what our residents talk about:

“Amazing open spaces”

Curious to know more? We have randomly selected a few sample reviews and placed them in the carousel below. Click through to the HomeViews site to browse all the ratings and comments on the E5 London postcode. Let us know what you think about your current neighbourhood to access everything on our review hub.

E5 London postcode resident reviews

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