E14 London postcode: resident reviews reveal all

What is E14, London really like? Is it a good postcode to live in? HomeViews Streets is a new site that collects detailed reviews from residents in postcodes all across London. As a result, we can reveal for the first time what locals really think about the E14 postcode. What’s the transport like? Amenities? Green spaces? Get the insider knowledge you need.

What area is E14 in London?

E14 is the postcode that covers the Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf, Poplar, Limehouse, Leamouth, Blackwall and Aberfeldy New Village. E14 sits within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in East London.

What zone is E14 in?

The E14 postcode sits within London zone 2. To the east is E16 and to the west, E1 and E1W. E3 lies to to the north of the E14 postcode.

So, what is E14 like to live in? HomeViews Streets reviews reveal in detail how its residents feel about life in their E14 street. They reveal how good (or bad!) the transport, amenities and community are there, as well as their thoughts on the overall area. A score out of five is given for each, plus a written comment.

See below for some examples. Just click through to see more reviews for that area. To view all the content on the site, all you have to do is write a review of your own area!

E14, London resident reviews

“Calm and peaceful area, not many restaurants or local shop options”

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