25 PropTech companies changing real estate forever

We celebrate the thriving PropTech sector in 2020 with this comprehensive list of top PropTech companies and products from the UK and overseas. Each in its own way is revolutionising the real estate industry. We cover PropTech for the home search process, buying, renting and selling, right through to new tech for landlords and agents.

What is PropTech?

PropTech is simply the combination of the words Property and Technology. PropTech covers any kind of technology business, product or service that relates to the property industry. As you’ll see in the list below, there are lots of sub-sectors in the industry and all are wide open to new tech solutions!

This list shows the level of innovation on display in both the international and UK PropTech sectors right now. Here at HomeViews we’re proud to be a part of it all. Please do get in touch if you’d like to be included, or know of a company that should be!

25 PropTech companies



OpenSignal is perfect for buyers, renters and investors who want to measure mobile signal quality for any property they’re considering. The app also lets you locate nearby masts and see which network has the best coverage in a given area. Available on iOS and Android.


AirVisual is an app that lets you check out the air quality in an area you’re thinking of buying or renting in. The company behind the app, IQAir, works alongside organisations like Greenpeace and the UN to monitor and improve air quality worldwide. Available on iOS and Android.


WiredScore is a way of rating the quality of a building’s digital infrastructure. This allows tenants to understand the level of internet access that will be available before signing up for the lease. Landlords can use WiredScore to understand, improve and promote their building’s score to new tenants.

Sun Seeker

Property hunters are often advised to view a property multiple times and at different times of the day. One reason for this is to see how it looks and feels as the light changes. The remarkable Sun Seeker app lets you track the sun’s path year-round, predicting what a new home will look like in every season. On iOS and Android.


Of course we’re included in the list! HomeViews has established itself as the reviews site for the property industry, with over 10,000 reviews for more than 1,000 developments across the UK. Read more about our record results this summer, or watch a 60-second video on key HomeViews Headlines from the first half of 2020.



If you’re a buyer struggling to save up a deposit you can use a Proportunity loan to ‘top up’ your deposit. This means you can potentially access better rates from your lender and borrow more. Proportunity is also an FCA-regulated lender, so are fully qualified to offer you sound financial advice.


Wayhome is essentially a private shared ownership scheme. It’s not fully launched yet, but the main difference between this PropTech company and the Government’s Shared Ownership scheme is that it is not restricted to brand new homes. You also won’t need a mortgage to buy a share of the property. Even if you pay only 5%, Wayhome’s funding partners buy rest of the property and rent it to you.


DocuSign has really come into its own now that we’re doing more and more online after lockdown. It allows you to sign documents using an eSignature. This essential means things like tenancy agreements and references can be completed online, and the company claims that more that 50,000 real estate professionals are already using it.


Boomin has exploded onto the market to compete directly with Zoopla and Rightmove for the top aggregator spot. Heavily funded and with a number of useful features for buyers, sellers, renters and landlords, Boomin has quickly established itself as a top tool for the industry.



If you’re a tenant looking to boost your credit score in preparation for getting a mortgage, CreditLadder can help. This scheme allows you to register your rental payments so that they count towards your credit history and score. Both Experian and Equifax will recognise your payments, giving you the best possible chance to secure the mortgage you need.

Spike Global

Spike Global creates software solutions that connect building owners and managers with their tenants. The PropTech company’s apps can be used across a variety of commercial and residential property applications, including estate management, services and amenities, social clubs, events, enquiries, deliveries, news and announcements.


Built-ID is another software company creating community engagement tools for the property sector. Built-ID focuses bringing diversity to the community consultation process for new developments, making sure that am accurate cross-section of residents get to have a say on new projects in their neighbourhoods.


Spaceflow is a PropTech company with their own take on connecting building owners and occupiers. Applicable to residential, office, student housing and more, Spaceflow aims to improve the tenant experience by giving landlords the tech needed to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Gone for Good

Moving house always shows you how much excess junk you have lying around the place. Gone for Good is a free app that makes it easier to find nearby charities that will come and take it off your hands and find it a new home. Currently being trialled in Plymouth and Torquay, the app should roll out nationally soon.



Moovshack is a PropTech tool for buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords alike. Buyers and tenants can use it to simplify their property search, saving options from other portals in the app and keeping them up to date as the process is completed. Moovshack also connects sellers and landlords with multiple agents so they can easily compare valuations and marketing offers.


ViewMyChain focuses on making the buying process easier and more transparent. Home buyers spend less time chasing and worrying and agents get a clearer view of where a transaction might fall through so they can intercede. The fledgling PropTech company claims that using their software can speed up the completion process by up to two weeks.



Offr is a button that sits on an agent’s website and launches a panel which allows potential buyers to bid in auctions, make offers, book viewings, upload proof of ID and download legal documents. The system facilities online transactions such as contract signing and booking viewings, bringing buyers and sellers together for a simpler process.


Fixflo is a well-established repairs and maintenance platform widely used across residential, commercial, student housing, social housing and build to rent sectors. The company claims over 80,000 users for its software, and also produces some extremely insightful eBooks and webinars.


YourKeys claims to be able to consistently achieve exchange of contracts in just seven days. Its onboarding and sales progression tracking software makes it easier for agents and housebuilders to move buyers from qualification right through to the final purchase by using one efficient platform.


Coadjute is aiming to bring significant increases in speed and efficiency to the UK property industry. It does this by using a combination of collaboration, innovation and blockchain technology to connect real estate businesses and customers digitally. Its goal is to reduce the time it takes to buy a property down from months to days, improving the customer experience while boosting data sharing and improving efficiency.


Property auctions are an increasingly popular option for buyers. BidX1 has created a fully digital process that allows buyers to browse properties, gain advice from experts, book viewings, place bids and ultimately secure a sale – all online. Earlier this year (2020) Foxtons partnered with this rapidly growing PropTech company to sell selected properties through the BidX1 platform.


California-based company Matterport creates 3D maps of buildings that users can then take virtual tours around. This technology was already being widely used before the Coronavirus pandemic, but has since truly come into its own as a vital tool for property viewings, hospitality, engineering applications and more.



Currently partnered with NHG and Peabody London, Plentific is a platform that gives landlords and property managers swift access to maintenance and repairs services. Verified trade professionals connected to Plentific can be booked quickly and simply. The platform also gives access to user data, allowing landlords and building managers to identify and resolve recurring issues.


Rentify offers developers and landlords a fixed yield on their portfolio with no voids or maintenance costs. Rentify manages the property and tenants have the option of either a membership system or traditional deposit. Rentify is also currently offering London landlords free lettings valuations via video or WhatsApp video.


Rentr is an online lettings tool aimed at private landlords and tenants. Landlords can control the process via the app or desktop version, with access to Rentr’s expert services team. Tenants can also use the platform to book viewings, submit tenancy applications, log rent payments and more.

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